Men's Shirt Hanger (Set of 24)


The Men's Shirt Hanger provides the proper hang for his favorite tees, button-downs and polos. Available in 3 sizes, this set of 24 hangers is a modern, yet functional staple for his closet.

Quantity per pack: 24

Key Elements

Size 1: 17.5 in // 44.5 cm
Size 2: 19 in // 48 cm
Size 3: 20 in // 50.8 cm

Head Thickness: 0.375 in. // 1 cm

Carefully selected finishes to match any closet and garment.

Body: Ash Wood

Color: Natural

Hook: Satin Nickel

• Button-Down Shirts
• Everyday and Oversized Tees
• Activewear Shirts
• Polos
• Jerseys
• Crewnecks
• Flannels

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Your Clothes Deserve It

Getting dressed off a Perch hanger means your clothes has been taken care of while you weren't wearing it–so it'll be at its best after you put it on for your next occasion.

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