Introducing A New Era of Rituals

The Perfect Hang

From hand-selected natural wood craftsmanship, exceptional hardware and considerate velvet flocking, this new era of dressing rituals offers the habitually overlooked shoulder dimples, snags, bothersome collar-pulling and creases, slipping-straps, unnecessary wrinkles, overflowing closets and traditional bargain hangers to finally, be set aside.

Providing practical solution to an everyday must, the outfitting of Perch hangers were intentionally designed from conception-to-hang with one of the most unifying rituals in-mind- to create an uncompromising, perfect hang.


The Anatomy of a Perch Hanger

Intentional Sizing

Because clothing is not all one size fits all, neither should be your hangers. Show up well hung with sizing Intentionally designed to suit your clothing size. 

Fitting garments to a correctly sized hanger that mimics clothing shape embraces a proper hang’s original out-of-box feel reducing the bothersome creases, shoulder dimples, sagging shoulders and unfitting draping.

Visit the size guide here.

Superior, Cushioned Clips

Because many bottoms are not meant to be folded over a bar or  in a drawer-some deserve to be perched.

Bid bite marks and indentations farewell on delicate and impressionable garments with Perch's  thick yet soft cushioned clips that allow for a gentle grip that's just right.

Velvet Flocking

Because when clothes slip, they wrinkle and when they get stuck, they stretch.

Our hangers are intentionally designed with velvet flocking to create a considerate amount of hold to suit all garments while being thoughtful of the dainty and thin favorites that are meant to stay on the hanger, not the closet floor.

Distinctive, Quality Joinery

Because quality can always be found in the details and hangers are no different. Quality over quantity, period. 

Perch hangers are assembled with durable, three-piece dovetail joinery construction built to endure as long as the garments themselves.


Adjustable Modern Hardware

Because a lack of flexibility isn’t functional, so neither should be your hooks. Made to swivel to your liking, not just ours.

Perch's signature hooks are finished in soft-touch Satin Nickel and allow for a fully uncompromising 360 degrees of rotation to ensure organization ease. All hooks consistently hang at the same height (no matter what type of hanger) to present a balanced, organized aesthetic in any closet. 

Premium Ash Wood

Because hangers should be built to endure as long as the garments themselves.

Our three-piece dovetail joinery construction of premium ash wood with natural grains has multiple coats of lacquer to avoid splintering as well as a matte, soft-touch finish

A Thoughtfully Composed Collection

Each Perch hanger was carefully envisioned to support a specific garment and furthermore, to be part of a thoughtfully composed collection- just like your very own.

Men's and Women's


Flared shoulders and contoured construction mimic your natural shape.

Men's and Women's


Flared shoulders and contoured construction paired with a thickly padded, non-slip trouser bar or clamps, mimic your natural shape while keeping your trousers securely in place.

Men's and Women's


Wavy construction mimics your natural shoulder drape.

Men's and Women's


Thickly padded trouser bars on our men’s pant hangers, and oversized cushioned clips on our women’s pant hangers, keep all of your bottoms right where you left them.


Thoughtfully crafted for belts, scarves, and ties, each specialty hanger is purpose-built to take perfect care of your accessories.