Men's Bundle

Our Men's Bundles are an effortless and inclusive offering that serve as a foundation to reorganize his closet.

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Select Your Base Bundle

With three sizes to choose from based on common closet sizes, begin with a base bundle and then customize your quantities in Step 2.

A 36-piece collection intended for guest bedroom or coat closets.

Men's Shirt Hanger: 24
Men’s Pant Hanger: 8
Men's Outerwear Hanger: 2
Men's Suit Hanger: 2

A 100-piece collection intended as a base bundle for smaller walk in closets.

Men's Shirt Hanger: 72
Men’s Pant Hanger: 24
Men's Outerwear Hanger: 2
Men's Suit Hanger: 2

A 164-piece collection intended for a single person's master bedroom closet.

Men's Shirt Hanger: 120
Men’s Pant Hanger: 40
Men's Outerwear Hanger: 2
Men's Suit Hanger: 2


Confirm Sizes & Quantities

Avoid the “hanger dimple” in your clothes by choosing the right size hanger. Use the size chart below to identify the option that most accurately describes your fit and wardrobe. You can also customize the quantities of your base bundle to fit your closet needs.

Men's Shirt Hanger (Set of 24)Men's Shirt Hanger (Set of 24)
Men's Outerwear Hanger (Set of 2)Men's Outerwear Hanger (Set of 2)
Men's Suit Hanger (Set of 2)Men's Suit Hanger (Set of 2)


Choose Add-On Accessories

Accessorize your base bundle with belt, tie, and scarf hangers to complete your closet.


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Men's Bundle

Hangers in your bundle: 36 Men's Shirt Hanger (Set of 24) : 24
Men’s Pant Hanger (Set of 8) : 8
Men's Outerwear Hanger (Set of 2) : 2
Men's Suit Hanger (Set of 2) : 2
Belt Hanger (Set of 1) : 0
Tie Hanger (Set of 1) : 0
Scarf Hanger (Set of 1) : 0

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