Our Story

Perch was birthed from a desire to offer every item of clothing the bespoke and tailored treatment, and enjoy the benefit that provides us. Hangers are a constant part of our lives, and often something we settle for.

Hangers create an awaiting opportunity in our life experience, both private and public. In private, they can enhance the appearance and esteem of our closets, the confidence clothes isn't being compromised, and the feel of material and weight when interacting with the hanger while getting dressed. As we transition to our public lives, they can improve the physical appearance of clothes when worn, and how we feel in clothes properly stored and cared for.

We set out to discover the nuance that makes a truly great hanger. The result–an iconic collection that hangs to a higher standard.

We are on a mission to provide an elevated approach to treating clothes as they’re meant to be treated, honoring wardrobes that command great care.